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Muslims say the Scariest Things: Wallah/Wallahi

April 27, 2013

walahi“Wallah” (pronunciation: wah-luh; meaning: I promise by God) is an Arabic expression a person uses to make a promise or express their credibility. It’s basically analogous to the English expression “I swear to God” except it’s said in Arabic which means Muslims take it more seriously— sorta. If you have Somali friends you may have heard a variant of the phrase, “wallahi.” (Pronunciation: wah-law-he). This is often followed by the word, “bro,” and is said after every sentence. In fact, it’s sometimes wallahi, used so often wallahi, that wallahi it’s wallahi like wallahi the only wallahi word wallahi you hear in a wallahi sen—wallahi—tence wallahi, wallahi, wallahi, wallahi, wallahi, wallahi, wallahi, wallahi, wallahi.

Here is an example of how the phrase might be used today.

Person A: Wallahi bro. Sherlock Holmes is the greatest fictional detective of all time. Wallahi, Professor Moriarty has met his match. Wallahi.

Person B: Bro. Wallahi. Sherlock Holmes is no match for the often bumbling but ultimately efficient tactics of Inspector Gadget. Wallahi, Dr. Claw is a far better criminal than Professor Moriarty. No one is going to dare break a wa—LAW—hi when Gadgets around. Wallahi.

Person A: Wallahi, I see what you did there. lol. Wallahi, I just lol’d. Wallahi.

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